Ecole des Beaux-arts à Arlon

7 ans en peinture

7 ans en gravure

Peinture à l'huile

Tempera ( œuf)

peinture sur plexiglas

gravure : lino et bois, montoype encre offset

Finaliste du concours Social Art Award 2019

CFA Artist of the Year 2019

Honorable Mention Award

Being aware of social injustice and climate deterioration, I want my art to transcend the simple aesthetic and open ways to reflexion on the future of our society.

My style is figurative and often naïve which helps the understanding of the subject. In this painting, the background is painted in acrylic and the figures in oil which increases the contrast and focuses the viewer's attention on the foreground .

I present oil and acrylic on canvas, woodcuts and linocuts.

After 7 years at the Fine Art Academy of Arlon in painting and engraving, I started exhibitions in Luxemburg.